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You want to have your own business in the neighborhood where you live. That has been a dream you have entertained daily, but you have not taken that first step because you did not know if you could make a profit.  After all, you have heard that 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years.  

The fact is that 50% of all businesses started in the USA are still open and running after five years.  These businesses are paying their owners and managers a decent income and providing jobs, goods and services and stability to the communities they serve. The businesses that fail do so usually because the owner dies or becomes sick, they are in a bad location, they have bad products and/or customer service, and most of all – they start with no business plan. 

But you can be successful!

Now you can get the business plan you need to start your own shop or boutique business.  A  privately owned clothing, fashion or retail store had a net profit margin of 7% in the USA in 2013.  In comparison, home furnishings stores had profit margins of 3.98%, computer service shops were at 5.56% and print shops had 1.3% profit margins, which makes a small shop or boutique an ideal business.

If you look at one of the Career Portals available, you will see that a store manager in the apparel/fashion industry made approximately $3,420 per month in 2015.  This means that starting a retail boutique shop may be a winner for you!

If you want a business plan, you want a 
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How Your Road to Success Can Run Right Through a Restaurant

People have to eat food in some form every day, and people like variety. Have you ever tried to save money by eating the same cheap food every day?  Whether it is packaged ramen soup or bologna and cheese sandwiches, it becomes dull, almost to the point of inedible, if you have to prepare it yourself and eat it every day. It is the preparation of even the simplest meals that drives people out of the kitchen and away to restaurants.

.....Continued in 'Wow Ideas'

Tilapia, Your Favorite Plump Little Fish

Every day we are reminded to do healthy things for ourselves.  One of those healthy things is to eat more fish. Fish is a wonderful, high protein food that is low in fat and high in the Omega-3’s that medical professionals, worldwide, have proven are healthy for our hearts and minds.

We are also constantly reminded that because of the pollution of the oceans, many popular fish, like yellow tuna and swordfish are also high in carcinogenic substances and heavy metals like mercury.  Other fish species have been seriously over harvested and there are limits to the amounts that the various fishing fleets are allowed to catch by international law.

Therefore, in order to maintain a constant supply of fish, many countries have encouraged aquaculture as a way to provide a good and reliable source of healthy, low fat protein for people to eat.   Fish farming is not new; in fact there are records of the practice having started in China in 5000 BC.  The practice spread to Egypt by 2000 BC and allowed people of the time a more reliable source of food.

You will discover that today, most of the fish you buy is farmed and not wild caught.  You can say this is good for the environment because the fish aren’t being removed from the wild fish that need to breed and repopulate the oceans, lakes and streams. The best thing about this is some of your favorite kinds of fish can be available year round instead of on a seasonal basis.

When you invite your family to your house, you prepare some type of refreshment, or even a meal to show your love and concern for them.  If you are not a good cook, you may ask other family members to bring their favorite dish, or you might call a catering company and have them prepare and deliver the food.  If you are a good cook, you may decide to make it all yourself, just to discover your favorite recipe tastes ‘funny’ when you expand it from 6 people to 16.

Your Ability to Succeed -

                              Depends on Faith

You want to start your own business but you never went to business school.  You have great ideas and you know you can make them work, yet people tell you that you will fail because you never graduated from school.  But people started businesses before school existed, and every day, more people with little to no education succeed in starting and running their own businesses.   Ask the contractor who built your house if he went to Harvard Business school – or any business school; ask the owner of the café where you get  your lunch if she graduated from Wharton Business school.  These people will say ‘no’.  These people will tell you that they decided to start a business they had an idea they could be good at.

·         Jessica Simpson is a Fashion Designer who never went to college.

·         Ruth Ann Miner left school at 16 to help on the family farm and later became Governor of Delaware.

·         Chris Rock is a famous actor

·         Wally Amos started the famous ‘Famous Amos’ cookie brand and only had a high school GED.

There are many, many other success stories like these.  They are the RULE and not the exception!

You can learn what you need to succeed in business.  It is a fact.  And you do not need to be in a special school to learn it.

1 Corinthians – 10:11 – Now these things happened to them as an example. And they were written for our insight …

Successful people have one special thing in common. They have faith in themselves because they have faith in the one who created them.   You can be successful, too, if you have the faith that you were not created to fail.  You must remember that failure is not ‘failure’ it is simply a signal that you need to repeat a step on your road to success.  If you give up, that is when you fail.

Psalm 37:4 – Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

The Lord has made it possible for you to get all the information you need to start a business – just by clicking a few buttons and reading a bit of information.

Learn what you need and do not be afraid to succeed.  With God’s Love it is easier than you think.

Now you can work from home

Matthew 25:35 

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.

 Work From


  On Line 
Learn these ways that you can have a business and earn money from home.  Don't fall for a scam!

Start Your Own Business

Learn an On Line Job

Why You Should Open Your Own Shop or Store Now.


The Best Opportunities for Success

by ‘Divalicious’

Opportunities for success in life present themselves in unusual ways.  Sometimes the opportunities appear, at first, to be misfortunes, but if you look at them long enough you will see they are a ‘diamond in the rough’.

My opportunity came when the place I worked was ‘acquired’ by another firm.

First, they ‘downsized’ and eliminated half the people I worked with.  Then as assignments began getting shifted to other work groups, some of the remaining people left for other companies, some followed the assignments to the new work groups.  Eventually it was me and three others in a small department on a middle floor where we came in and did almost nothing, forgotten by everyone except payroll. 

Walter had his system set up to live stream his favorite sports and Mike took up knitting.  Evelyn was pregnant and determined to fly under the radar until she could leave on maternity leave and I was trying to keep up the facade of looking very busy so I wouldn’t get ‘downsized’.  But eventually I ran out of work.

I started exploring the features built in to my computer, and eventually I started fooling around with ‘Paint’.  I started making designs and learned to caption them. When I was feeling ‘blue’ I would send them to my friends.

One of my friends suggested that I have my designs printed and I sell them.  I didn’t understand, but he had an e-book on working from home and one of the careers was fabric and wall-covering designer.  I never knew that was a ‘thing’.


I downloaded it for myself and read what was up.  I could make my designs available to thousands and thousands of people who could buy fabrics, wall-coverings and even gift wrap with my art on it.  I would get a commission from each sale. I would retain ownership of my art.  I wouldn’t have to pay any fees, and I wouldn’t need to build and maintain a website.

I opened an account – it was free. And then I uploaded my work. ‘I can do all this through He Who Gives Me Strength’. I promoted myself on social media and I used the nice marketers at Fiverr to help push my designs so I would make money.

Somewhere along the way, Evelyn had her baby and our department was eventually closed.  But I had already started my new career designing fabrics and wall coverings.

 I would have never discovered my inner design talent, if I had not first lived through misfortune

Menu Planning or Large Events



 Can see what it takes to open a successful boutique or store.

This plan will help you learn what you need to put together this successful business.

Planning for Success:

3. Crime Scenes
Jessica rented her Midtown Manhattan apartment one month to a woman who told her she was military, looking for a little R&R. Jessica later received a call from the cops to alert her that a woman (who turned out to be a prostitute) had been slashed by a man (who turned out to be a john) in a dispute over the cost of services. 

4. The Moment
Back in 2011, a San Francisco woman came home after a week away to find her apartment ransacked and trashed. 

5. Soiled penthouse
Rachel Bassini rented out her Manhattan penthouse to a nice guy named "Jeffery," who had a profile picture of him looking perfectly normal, with a wife and young child. Jeffery turned out to be the host of a party that left her apartment covered in condom wrappers, bodily fluids and, excretions. 

6. The pop-up brothel
Two Stockholm women handed over the keys to their apartment only to find eventually that their flat was being used as a brothel. How'd they find out? The police alerted them that their home had just been raided – two working girls had been caught in the act.
7.  Total Destruction
Star and Mark King returned to their Calgary house and found it a wreck, after renting it on Airbnb to two adults who said they were in town for a wedding, Soon after departing, the couple received text messages and calls from neighbors, who complained of a ruckus coming from the house. A police officer who responded to noise complaints found a party under way at the Kings' home. The officer estimated the property had suffered damages of at least $50,000.

How to Create Fund and Start Your Own Business

Could This Be the Best Book For Success? 

Have you ever wondered how all of these rich people got and kept all of their money?

1 Samuel 18:14 “And David had success in all his undertakings, for the Lord was with him.”

A certain billionaire was reported to advise people – ‘Save part of your salary first, then you can spend what is left.’  However, most people look at the act of saving like they are depriving themselves of something. Everyone knows that isn’t really true, but the media has us so inundated with material wants that we often feel we are missing something if we do not have that latest and shiniest current fad.

A well planned out budget can put that nagging feeling to rest while insuring that your basic needs are always covered.  Having a budget means that you will know what is in your bank account and how much money you will have on a week to week basis for things like rent, food, transportation and, of course, fun.

Proverbs 2:7 "He holds success in store for the upright; he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless."

 Best Budgets for Success and Excellence in Your Life by Excellence-Success could be the Best Budget Book Ever. This book gives you easy step by step budgets that area actually planned out for you on a weekly basis for up to 104 weeks.  There are budgets for students saving to move from home, college graduates trying to pay off student loans, and professionals’ earning over $50,000.00 a year.  This book has recipes, menu plans and even grocery lists to help you budget wisely and even a section on how to adapt each budget to any every specific need you have.

This is an amazing book for everyone who wants to learn to eliminate debt, save money and become wealthy.

 Now is the time when we all start planning the larger events that will take us through the spring and summer and into the fall.  Mild weather tends to make us think of projects that need to be done and people we would love to see.  Whether the project is rebuilding a playground, painting the home of an elderly neighbor, staging a ‘fund raiser’ carnival, or just helping to host a luncheon, there are many tasks that need to be done and the most ignored is refreshments.

When you organize any group effort, especially a large one, remember that many of these people are willingly giving up their time.  Although volunteers are not there to be compensated, good people deserve to have some type of refreshment.  Refreshments are a polite way to say, “Thank you, you are appreciated.”  Sometimes a simple cooler full of cold water is all anyone wants, but other times, especially with all day fundraisers, the people who support you both deserve and need more.

Deuteronomy 31:12-13 - Gather the people together, men, and women, and children, and the strangers within thy gates.

If you can cook, you can open a restaurant.                      This basic business plan will show you what you need to plan for so you can start up without a huge investment!


Success Now

     Healthy Hair



   Restore your hair (and yourself) to balance and health!

One day I had to admit that my hair had given up.  Between trendy colors, bad hair appliances, too much product and general bad advice my hair was a scam.  It was a struggle to put in extensions so I kept it in a bun because it was so processed, frayed, and scorched that cutting off the problems would have left me with a shiny head.

I spent a great deal of time and money using various products that promised to heal repair and restore my hair to the hair of my youth.  Many of these products actually did make my hair appear healthier, but that was because the products coated the hair, binding it together.  Nothing that I bought actually ‘healed’ my hair.   I realized that there was more to this and that I needed to find the ‘essence’ of my hair.  When I was finished, a little over a year later, I had over eight inches of beautiful, healthy hair.
Do you believe in yourself?  It is hard to take that first step without a strong belief in your potential.  Because you are the kind of person who believes in your own potential, you may be perfect for teaching others how to believe in themselves.  Right now your Belief is putting you in a position to succeed. Develop your own system and teach yourself to teach others, because YOU care.

Hair comes from within.  It is a reflection of how I live life.  I was living life as a ‘fad’.  I embraced one thing just to toss it off and go for another idea a few weeks later. I wasn’t taking time to savor things.  Hair takes a while to grow and at its essence is nourished from the inside out.  I learned that the first thing I had to do to get my hair healthy was to, without fail, eat enough lean protein daily. To do this, divide your body weight by 2.  That is the number of grams of lean protein you should be aiming for daily.

The chemicals in the foods you eat can alter the way your hair responds.  So try to limit artificial sweeteners, Trans fats and corn syrup.

Drink a lot of green tea.  You can substitute unsweetened green tea for water in soups and stews.

Keep your system clean by eating a system cleaning cocktail daily.  One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and one tablespoon of either red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar either as a salad dressing or plain daily will give your system a terrific boost!

Next, be nice to your hair.  Don’t wash it every day.  If you have a job where your hair gets dirty, try wearing a scarf or plastic cap at work.  Use a very mild shampoo and remember to remove tangles before you shampoo.   Gently section your hair then brush tangles out in short strokes starting at the ends and working up to the root.

Once you have rinsed the shampoo out, then use your fingers to gently detangle while you apply conditioner.  Don’t comb or brush during this phase.

Unless it is a leave in conditioner, don’t leave it in longer than the instructions on the bottle.  Over conditioned hair will damage and break more easily.

Work a few drops of olive or coconut oil into your scalp and hair once a week, about an hour before you wash.  You may also want to massage a few tiny drops of olive oil into your scalp while you hair is still damp, to keep the hair growing out healthy, flexible and  resistant to splitting and breakage.

If you normally relax your hair, consider using a tourmaline ceramic flat iron instead.  Ceramic protects your hair, and the mineral ‘Tourmaline’ is very beneficial because it emits negative ions that actually de-frizz and help your hair maintain condition.  An excellent flat iron can be had for less than $60.00 in most places and much less if you look for a sale.   Other products like reasonably priced Keratin Shampoos and Conditioners actually help keep hair smooth for days without subjecting it to harsh chemicals.

Every two months, trim a quarter inch off the ends.  This will allow your hair to grow back while slowly eliminating the damage.

Seriously avoid all radical hair color changes. Touch up the roots if you need to cover gray, but, as much as possible, go back to a close shade of your natural color until your hair recovers. Use products that have Apricot , Avocado or Argan  oil as a finishing conditioner.

Other essential oils, such as fish oil and evening primrose oil have micro nutrients that are essential to healthy hair.  You should remember to take 1,000 mg of each every day to keep your entire body happy.

Remember that your hair only grows a half inch a month and it took time to create the damage in the first place.  If you follow these strategies daily, you will start to see a difference in a month or two, as soon as your hair perks up and begins to grow out.

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Psalms 126:2-3 ...."The Lord has Done Spectacular Things for Them."




Everyone needs a budget, but not everyone can make or keep a budget, even though a good budget can free your soul from worry and stress.

You remember the wisdom in Proverbs 21:2 “The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty.” And, we all know that person whose inability to make a budget leaves them in debt.  Being in debt leaves them vulnerable to the predators with ‘get rich scams’ that promise them everything but take their money. 

These people are the same people who find themselves unable to move forward in their lives because they have never been taught the money planning skills that are part of budgeting.  The inability to budget can mean an endless cycle of late fees, service charges and penalties that people struggle to keep up with.  

That struggle means that a smart and able person may find themselves living in their parent’s home or a friend’s basement with no real hope of getting a car, an apartment or a house.  Once again this is echoed in Proverbs 25:28 “He who has no rule over his own spirit is like a broken down city without a wall.”

Now you have the tool to not only become diligent – but to also fix that city and build a wall!

Best Budgets for Excellence and Success in Your Life is the tool that can help break the endless cycle of late fees, service charges and penalties that suck the cash out of your pocket.  This easy to use guide has charts, budgets and even grocery lists and menu plans that will help you save money and become healthier.

From saving to move out, to saving for a car, to saving for your first home Best Budgets for Excellence and Success in Your Life  even has budget guides for people earning as little as $10.00 per hour.  You will find budgets for paying off student loans, budgets to help care for a child or elderly parent and even a budget to help you start your own business.

Finally, please keep in your heart the message of Luke 14:28-30“For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he may have enough to finish it; lest perhaps, after he has laid the foundation and is not able to finish, all those seeing begin to mock him, saying, This man began to build and was not able to finish.”

When you hold an event, or a fundraiser, though, it is not so easy to get enough refreshments.  Sometimes a catering company will donate food, and sometimes everyone in the organization will contribute, but most of the time one or two people are ‘elected’ for the refreshment duty, and if you are one of those people, you have experienced the type of panic attack that comes from realizing that you have a limited budget to feed a lot of hungry volunteers.


We have all been helpers at that ‘Event’ where we were given peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bottle of water for lunch and we were happy, and we have all been at the event where there are chickens roasting when we arrive and we have also been happy.  We all know the experience of being finished and saying, “Let’s do this again next year!” only to have someone else say “Yes, BUT we have to put someone else in charge of food.”And what about those annual events that we all sponsor?  The ones where we collect food and then cook meals for those less fortunate?  Many times, I have found myself making a lot of food in small batches because cooking big batches of food takes special skill.  It is not enough to double or triple the recipe, because the extra ingredients affect the cooking.(How many cans of beets is it possible to sneak into a batch of pasta sauce?).  One does not double the hot peppers simply because one doubles the amount of meat.

There are not that many guides that will help you when you must cook for large events.  When you do, remember many churches and community halls have fully functional kitchens just to put on events that require refreshments.  You can walk into that kitchen with a list of carefully budgeted supplies and make everything from pasta dinners to dozens of pies without over or under seasoning and keeping right to your budget.

The best example is the Tilapia.  Everyone likes Tilapia because it is a light flaky fish without a lot of fishy taste.  It goes well with many different seasonings and side dishes.

 Tilapia is an African Cichlid, almost the same kind of fish people buy for aquariums. They are well suited for both aquariums and fish farming because they are adapted to a quiet life in the lakes and ponds of Africa.  Fish farmers are therefore able to get small hatchlings and raise them in ever larger ‘water cages’ and fed them to grow larger and meatier.  A well fed tilapia can get to be more than two pounds.

There are two interesting things about Tilapia that make them both easy and profitable to farm.  The first is that Tilapia is born asexual, meaning they develop into male or female upon maturity.   But Fish farmers need a fish that will grow large faster, and that means not spending a lot of energy on reproductive organs, so they are able to regularly feed their fish a steroid called methyl-testosterone.  This actually converts them all to males, which grow bigger.  This enables the fish to go from egg to table in 8 months, usually less.

The second thing is the Tilapia you have been eating is one of the most efficient food sources on this planet.  Unlike carnivorous fish like salmon, which have to be fed a special high protein diet consisting mainly of other fish, Tilapia are fed an almost exclusive diet of waste from poultry and pig farms.  These larger animals never fully digest their food, and therefore it is the perfect feed for farm raised Tilapia. This is the type of waste that used to be landfilled or burned as it was not suitable for fertilizer.  But with more people turning to aquaculture every year, many problems of farm waste can be eliminated. Other fish farms raise Tilapia with catfish.  The catfish, like the pigs and chickens, do not efficiently digest their food.  What the cat fish excrete, the Tilapia eat, which keeps the fish farm environment nice and clean.

Farmed Tilapia are also much higher in Omega-6’s than the other fish you eat because of this intense style of fish farming.

If there were a  a Brothel...

              YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ...

.......would you  even know it?

‘Air BnB’.  It has a a nice sound.  It makes you think of a ‘Bed and Breakfast’ which is a nice place.

In reality that Air BnB is more of a ‘cheap hotel’ being run by your neighbors and some are actually ‘pop up brothels.  How this happens is, someone in your neighborhood decides they can make money renting out rooms and then they realize that they can make more renting on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis than they will by having a regular, respectable, lease holding tenant that they have done a thorough background check on.  So they go to a ‘Air BnB’ site – which is like ‘Craig’s List' for renters and they put up pictures of what are supposed to be rooms in their houses or apartments.  The next thing you know you are living next to a motel with all kinds of people coming and going at all hours.  

These people could honestly just be normal tourists visiting from Japan and New Zealand.  They could be the nice sort of person who respects boundaries or they could be terrorists who need a place to build their bombs and Meth heads that need a place to cook their evil drugs.  In the course of a week you will usually see an endless parade of people in an out.  
Sometimes the people will have no respect for your neighborhood. These are people who go out and drink then urinate (or worse) on your lawn; people who throw trash wherever they please; people who only need a room for a few hours to meet a ‘John’ or to brew up some Meth. 

This is some of what may happen after an Air BnB becomes established in your neighborhood:

1. Orgies
New York comedian Ari Teman rented out his modest garden apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan earlier this year for what turned out to be a full-blown orgy, titled "Turn Up Part 2: The Panty Raid." 
2.  Meth addicts
Troy Dayton rented out his home in Oakland, Calif. to a woman who was a meth addict.  She trashed the home and stole his birth certificate. A request to Airbnb to have his birth certificate replaced and the damages covered was ignored. 


.........  Philippians 1:9-10 “And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent.”

Stop Wasting Food and Money

Reprinted with permission from an article on:

There is a report that says Americans waste 25% of all the food and beverages they purchase.   A person who spends $100.00 a week on food is literally throwing away $1,300.00 a year.  I did a self-audit  and discovered that part of the responsibility for this came from my own household.  In the back of my refrigerator were several plastic containers with leftovers in various stages of aging. I bought those containers to preserve leftovers so I could eat them later.  Three out of four of those containers had mold growing on the inside.  The fourth was chili from two days earlier.  I stared at it.  My brain wanted a cheeseburger.  I knew if I put that container back it would be forgotten until the mold took over.

I ate the chili and tossed the moldy food.  I had just thrown away three out of four meals!  What kind of monster was I?

I didn't want to live like this! The first thing I did was learn to plan my meals.  I cook for myself because eating out is expensive and you can't control things like calories and salt. I looked at what I was doing and realized the reason I had so many leftovers was because I had trained myself to make a full meal every night of the week, plus a 'Sunday Dinner' on Sunday.  I made myself a new strategy; my Sunday night roast became Tuesday's lunch and Thursday's soup. Monday night fried chicken became Wednesday's Chicken salad lunch and Friday's stir fry.

Almost immediately I began saving money on groceries and, to my surprise, I had more free time because I wasn't cooking as much.

Three weeks into my new frugality routine, I needed onions for soup.  Some of the onions had gone soft and moldy and those I regretfully threw out.  One was still firm and one had barely 
begun to sprout from the top. 

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. Isaiah 58:10 

Luke 9:13 

But he said to them, “You give them something to eat.” 

I cut the top off the sprouting onion and was ready to throw it out when suddenly  I was reminded of this quote: 

 "When they were finished, He said to His disciples, 'gather up the fragments so nothing will be lost'

"I took a small bowl, added water and put the sprouting onion top into it and moved it near the kitchen window.

I refreshed the water every day, and the onion began to grow.

Daily, illuminated by the sun, what was once garbage became wholesome food.

A few weeks later they were big enough to eat. I harvested the onion greens and diced them like chives and they added a wonderful flavor to a fresh salad. 

Onions have many layers and within this onion I found a true lesson in success.