Start Your OWN Franchise to

      Start your Empire 

You are smart and a good thinker.

You go to work and you are good at your job.

You hate working for other people.

You want your own gig…your OWN business to run. You know you can do it. Yet, when you tell anyone, they tell you that you will never succeed and if you do it will only be after you have spent millions of dollars.

You HATE that.

Maybe you have even gone on Yahoo Answers or another forum and asked the question, “How do I start my own business?”. If you have done that, you know the kind of answers you get:

*It will never happen

*You must graduate from college with a business degree

*You can’t do it without a business plan and millions of dollars

*Good Luck, chump

*50% of all businesses fail

You KNOW that cannot be true because: 1) New businesses open up every day; 2) Neither Oprah, Bill Gates, Kylie Jenner OR Steve Jobs had a degree in business, but they all became successful business people; 3) Colonel Sanders of KFC fame dropped out of school in the 7th grade and sold life insurance before he started his restaurant franchise.  He had no business plan and he certainly did not have millions of dollars. 4) Chumps work for other people and only dream of success. 5) And the 50% of businesses that do not fail – SUCCEED!


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Getting Paid

New business owners ask – “I own this business – so how do I get paid?”

The answer is – You REALLY are allowed to pay yourself.

Many business owners – especially those new to owning a business – think that they are only ‘allowed to keep’ whatever cash is left over at the end of the month.  Then they panic when they do not have money for their own expenses and wind up ‘taking money’ from the cash drawer, ‘until they have the ‘extra’ money to pay it back.

That is a bad business practice that leads to employee resentment, past due bills and ultimately bankruptcy and ruin for the business owner.

Instead – when you are starting a new business – as the owner, plan on making YOURSELF an employee.  You may think to yourself – but I am just starting – I cannot afford to pay myself…I will be paying myself my own money!  But, that is only partially true.

Whether you started with a bank loan, saved money for years or have investors – no body expects you to work for free (except you)  Yes, it is true, some people are able to start a business, run it and not pay themselves – but these people either have a year of salary in a savings account they can use, a spouse or partner who has a job that pays all of the bills, or they have a job themselves and operate their business as an ‘absentee owner’. Everyone else should put themselves on the payroll at a reasonable rate that will cover their expenses without being excessive.

Payroll is a normal business expense that ALSO happens to be tax deductible at the end of the year. When you pay YOURSELF a salary, you are expensing away BUSINESS INCOME that will be taxed at a higher rate than personal income, and basically saving yourself money. And – at the end of your tax year, you and your accountant can work to distribute extra cash to your employees AND yourself to reduce the amount of taxable income that your business will have to pay taxes on before it is moved to your ‘Retained Earnings’ account.

So, when you get your business plan together, make certain to include yourself as a paid employee not only to help yourself but also to reduce the taxes that your business will have to pa
y at the end of the year.

Excellence-Success, Strive for excellence and success will follow, Excellence or Success
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  Healthy Help For Body Pain
                                         Sometimes you need a little help...

There are many reasons that our bodies feel pain.  Sometimes it is because we exercise too hard, and sometimes it it because of normal ageing.  Many times aches and pains are caused by things we add or do not add to our diets.  Before you take too many chemicals try  incorporating these special foods into your diet.

 Anti Inflammatory Foods You Should Eat Every Day:

Green Tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (make a gallon unsweetened and use it like water when you cook)

Olive Oil ( 4 ounces daily ) you can drink it like shots.

Evening Primrose Oil (3 - 1,000 mg caps daily) You can open them up and pour them in your food.(If you can find the seeds…eat 3 tablespoons daily

Juices: Beets/Beet Juice, prickly pear cactus/juice, coconut water, Acai berries/juice, tart red cherries/juice ( 8-12 ounces daily – you can blend the juices )
Cold Water Fish: Salmon, Sardines, Mackarel   (6 ounces 3 to 7 times a week)

Whole Grains:  Oatmeal, Barley, Rye, Wild Rice, Quinoa, Hemp Seed, Flax Seed, Amaranth (½ cup daily) Not wheat so much- a lot of wheat is now GMO and is making people sick.

Dark Leafy Greens: There is not a dark and leafy green edible that is not good for you!
NUTS: Almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts and chickpeas. Coconut. Brazil nut. 1 handful- about 8 -10 nuts daily

SOY: Endame  (1/4 cup daily)

Yogurt: but not with Carmine or carrageenan or artificial sweeteners other than stevia, honey or sugar. (6 ounces or more daily)

Honey: Daily: as much as you want….up to 8 tablespoons!

Sweet Peppers: Sweet orange or red or yellow peppers: Daily: as much as you want

Tomatoes: Fresh as much as you want

Spices: Ginger, Turmeric, Onion, Garlic, Basil, Oregano (eat as much as you can- oh look, this is a soup base!)

Berries: Raspberries, blueberries, black berries and watermelons: eat at least a half cup of one daily.  You can really eat as much as you want, daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar:  At least 1 tablespoon daily.  You can add it to other foods.  Look for the unfiltered in the health asile.

HEMP: Seeds, infused oils, milk. 6 oz of Hemp milk a day reduces inflammation in the joints and arteries. You will see the effect in 3 weeks of daily use.  You can buy cartons of hemp milk in the organic asile at Safeway and Giant and Food Lion. If you cannot find it, ask.  Not every branch carries it.  There are a lot of people who now claim their cancer is in remission because they drink 16 ounces a day!

         BAD for JOINTS, HEART, SKIN and HAIR 

– do not eat these Inflammatories!:

Cola: If the caramel coloring contains a chemical called 4-methylimidazole or 4-MI.

White flour baked goods: White baked goods make the top of the list because white flour becomes white sugar right in your mouth.

Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils :  Trans fats  induce inflammation by damaging the cells in the lining of blood vessels. Try to substitute even regular veggie oil with canola oil and throw out all margarine even the ones blended with butter.  Olive oil/butter blends are OK!

Artificial Sweeteners: All of them!  They dehydrate you and force your body to pull liquid (and nutrients) into your colon where they are flushed out before they can do any good.  You intestines get inflamed because of too much action, and your internal organs get stressed causing more inflammation. They dissolve calcium! Your body is craving the nutrients it just lost so your appetite is triggered and your brain wants to eat until it thinks all of the nutrients are replaced, and because so much of our food is stuffed with inflammatory, you just get in a bad loop and your insides are in a constant state of stress and that effects your metabolism, which slows down in response to all of the internal chaos.

(On the other hand, If you get constipated, drink a cup of tea with two packets of Equal!)

​Is Your on-line business doomed to failure?

–Help it Survive and Prosper!

You have decided to start or have started an on-line business, and you want it to be a good one!  You may have done this because you ‘purchased a ‘course’ that included a website for a drop-shipping or on-line retail business or you may be doing this because you are good with a craft and want to make money selling it. Finally, the on-line business may be an extension of your ‘Brick and Mortar’ business.  It does not matter how or why you started the business, what matters now is getting your business to show a profit.

Your on-line business requires that you have some product - whether it is informative – such as classes and courses or a retail product such as clothing, auto-parts, or pet toys. You also need access to customers, and an efficient way to get the customers what they want more quickly than your competition. 

The first part can sometimes be done with little to no cash up front.  Drop shipping businesses do not usually stock the items they show. Smart business people get the manufacturers to give them stock photos of their featured products. The pictures are then posted on the website.

If you are selling crafts, you have already made your investment in the materials; your time has been added to the cost of the products you have made to sell.  The same goes for general retail – but instead of making the products, you have gotten one in each size and color and gotten great pictures of them for your website. For informational products like classes or courses, you have presumably written them down and converted them to either an electronic file that can be delivered via PDF or that your customer can download and print out on their own. No matter how you finally deliver the product, your customers start by seeing pictures and descriptions of the products on line – on YOUR website.

In the end, what actually happens is this: People see pictures of the product, place the order and send in the money. You use some of that money and apply it to the item and delivery costs – (if you have any) then get it directly to your customer and YOU keep the difference in your bank account as a profit! 

BUT - UNLESS you have the customers, you do not make any money, and that one thing can doom you to failure.


Finding the Job to Hire You

Most people, and you are probably one of them, are not willing to take a huge pay cut in the hopes that a better position will open up soon.  And unless the company is huge – with hundreds of employees – the chances are very good you will STAY in the low paying position for years. So, now that the bills are being paid it is time to look for something better.

You NEED to know how to get your foot in the door in a place you want to work.  You want more information on how to get the job that isn’t going to be advertised!

So, YOU need to know is how to apply for a job where there are no apparent jobs advertised.  You may say, “if there are no jobs advertised, then why am I wasting my time?”  In the beginning of this article I wrote “The first thing you need to know and understand is that most companies prefer to hire from within.”

At any given time, within 10 miles of most people, there are 10 jobs available.  Some of these jobs are sitting vacant because people at the company are waiting for sales reports before they hire, others are vacant because someone left unexpectedly, and some are vacant because the hiring process is clumsy.  None of these jobs will be advertised immediately, sometimes it is because they want to hire from within, sometimes because the manager is too busy to place an ad, and sometimes because the company assumes someone within the company will take on the extra duties without more pay.

What you want to do is make these people aware that you are not only available, but you are the person they want to come into their organization and do the job.

How do you do this?

First: Look at your resume.  What kind of job (s) are you looking for? (Make a list)

Second: Look at your city or town. Are there companies that have the kinds of jobs you are looking for? (Make a list)

Third: Are there companies or organizations that you think you may like working for, but you are not certain what you can do for them? (Make a list)

Fourth, see if you can figure out what kind of ‘pain’ a company has that you can fix.

 Look at your second list.  For each company there, do a little research. See if you can find their website and read it.  Try to find the names of the president, vice president, and the decision makers.  If they are close enough – go there.  Talk to people who work there…talk to the receptionist at the front desk.  Be nice.  “Hey I’ve been reading about this company on line.  It seems really great.  Is this a great place to work for you?”  Most people will be happy to gush to a stranger.  If the place is great, you will find out…and if the place is a pit, you will find out.  You will get a lot of information that you can use.  The receptionist sees people come in and out and the receptionist knows the employees and knows how fast they leave or how long they stay.

If the company is in an office building, see if there is a café or snack shop in the building.  Go in during a slow time after lunch is good…and buy a coffee or sandwich and chat up the person who works there. (Hey, isn’t THE CORP in this building?  Are the employees nice? You wouldn’t happen to know if they are hiring, would you?)   I’ve done this.  If the company is large (over 20 employees) and it is in a building or office park, there will ALWAYS be a place that the employees frequent because it is close. 

When sitting at the counter with a doughnut and a coffee, I was able to speak with a waitress.  She told me that the company I was asking about was probably a ‘dump’ because the employees changed so frequently, she only recognized a couple who had been there more than a year. That told me two things immediately #1 The company was hiring and #2 There was something going on that made people want to leave almost immediately.   I decided to cross that company off my list.

On other occasions I have found out that the company was expanding or that one person was worried because another person was going to give notice.  Those are the things to listen out for.  Once you have the information you need – (i/e the company is nice and there could be openings soon) you can go to the next step.

Check their website to see if they post the names of their Department heads or primary decision makers.   If not, call the company.  Ask, “who is the person in charge of (The department you want to work in)” or Who is the person to direct inquires to regarding … (if you are a sales person – sales.  If you are an accountant- Accounts receivable, Accounts payable or Bookkeeping.  If you are an IT professional you want the name of the head of IT).  Thank them.  If they ask to transfer you, say sure…and hang up while you are on hold.  Remember you are just fishing for information at this moment.

 Now, armed with knowledge of the company, the names of decision makers, and the name of the head of the department you want to work in – you can start work to get a job with this company that is “not advertising.’

I’m going to use as an example ‘Sally Main’ (not her real name).  This was an incredibly well organized person with a B.A. in Marketing who had only ever managed the ‘Print Center’ in a chain store.  So, when, two years after finishing their degree, Sally hasn’t moved on to a ‘career’, she decided to change to these tactics.

She used a search engine to find all of the companies that did the kind of things she was interested/had training in.  She narrowed them down to the ones that were close enough for her to get to.  She researched the ones that she could on line through job rating websites like ‘Glass door’ and the others she  tried to visit the buildings.

After finding out as much as she could she sent her resume and cover letter to the department heads – regardless of whether or not the company was actively advertising positions.  And it took only 6 months of applying for these ‘unadvertised positions’ for her to achieve a position – entry level- but at a higher salary than she’d been making!

Money from Home Dropshipping

Now You Can Relax When You Run Your Own Business

When you have your own business, people tell you that you work long hours with little pay, and then it fails any way. They give you horror stories of problems ‘someone’ had.  But if you look around you will see that store fronts that once stood empty are now hosting small businesses.  Would you start a business if you knew there was no hope of success?  No!  Yet many businesses succeed and they do so in such a way that the owners and employees all prosper.

You still want to know how can you have your own business and relax while doing it?  First, you have to remember that ‘relaxing’ does not mean you get to spend 12 hours a day ‘chilling’ and working your hobbies.  Relaxing means not worrying about your business and actually working ‘normal hours’ and not torturing yourself by working opening to closing every day the business is open. Relaxing takes a bit of planning before you open your business but will pay off for you later.

Well, how do you have a business and keep it relaxed?  The short answer is planning.    There are some places you go where it seems chaotic, but somehow the crowd is satisfied and as most people get what they were looking for, they leave happy.  That is a result of PLANNING.  The people running the business, whether it is an event or a shopping mall, have a plan to follow.  What if it rains? They have a plan.  What if it doesn’t snow? They have a plan?  What if 40,000 people show up for tickets?  There’s a plan for that.

Remember, if you want to be a relaxed business owner, you need to have a plan.   If you plan for employees, plan for expenses, and plan for customer experience then you control your business situation.  Once you know your business situations are under control; you can relax and enjoy your business!

Working From Home in New Ways

Working from home is not easy. Yet almost anyone can do it, with careful planning.  If you have ever thought about starting a business or turning a craft into a profession, now may be the perfect time to think about it. Sensible and organized planning will give you a real business and not a money and time sucking scam.

Right now, the large chains, whether retail or service related, are trimming down.  They rely on the approval of stockholders and stockholders want profits. Therefore places like J.C. Penny’s, Pier One and even food franchises are closing locations or just going out of business.  Even smaller neighborhood businesses are closing because the owners have decided this is time and they are using current events as an excuse to retire.

What this represents is a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to put in the work to research and plan. If the only places to buy a shirt, muffler, or shoes within 30 miles have all closed- that could be your opportunity. The truth is, if you are careful and look at not only the best that can happen, but also plan for the worst, you can start something that will probably succeed.  So the question now is, “What kind of business/service should I start?”

Sometimes your choice is easy. If the only shoe store in 100 miles has just closed, and you’ve not only had experience managing a shoe store, but you also have money to invest…you should probably open a shoe store. If you are a Bookkeeper, and you know 3 or more businesses that are struggling keeping their own books, then it is time to start your own bookkeeping business.

If you want to ‘Work from Home’, but you are not certain how to turn your skills into profit, ask yourself these questions:  When I learned this skill – why did I learn it?  When I use this skill – do I enjoy it? When people see the results of this skill – do they want it?  You may have learned to sew because you couldn’t find clothes you liked.  You may paint landscapes because you love to paint.  You may make pottery that people beg for as gifts. Any of these skills, and others, can be turned into profitable work from home job. And the best thing is, you can also learn new skills!

You know that right now is the time to look for opportunities. So, the best thing you can do for your future is to plan, study and learn everything you will need so you can start now to launch your opportunities !

​​Learn to Avoid Scams 

Music Club, Open a Music Club, Craft Brew Pub, Business plan


Do you want to work from home? A lot of people do, if you are like me you want to find out how to work from home and earn good money. I know that people, like accountants, have professional skills that only require a computer and a desk to make an income, and nannies, have compassionate skills so they only require a safe and comfortable place to care for their charges.  But, let’s face it, most of us wind up working for other people because we lack knowledge or resources to make a living working from home.

I know some people like leaving their home and making a commute to and from where they work every single day because not everyone can work from home.  There are noisy neighbors, nosey neighbors and nuisance neighbors that disrupt you on the best of days.  For you it is better to get out of the house and drive somewhere so you can get peace and quiet!
But what if you do not have a job?  There are places where getting work is not easy.  Also, people who went to law school and graduated and cannot get a job.  There are people who have a Master’s Degree in Literature or a PhD in History and they are working flipping burgers or pouring coffee.

The people who are lucky enough to have a space to work from home using their computer and their brains need to know how to avoid work from home scams. We need to know How to Create Fund and Start Our Own Businesses.
Yes, there are real ‘work from home’ jobs, and because of that there are more work from home scams than there are real jobs.

 Is there an easy way to tell a scam from the real thing? Yes, there is and I can tell you now that the main thing to look out for is money.  The way real employment works is that you do a task, and you get paid for it.  Money flows from the employer to the employee.  If you are looking at an on-line job opportunity and the company or website you are looking at asks that you pay them a fee for a subscription to ‘list of places that will pay you to do on line work’, chances are that is a scam.

Work from home scams are designed to trick people who want nothing more than to use a computer to work from home. These are some scams that have tricked people:

·Registered Tutor:  For only $500.00 they will send you their complete kit that will ‘train’ you to be a successful ‘LICENSED’ tutor in your own home, even if you never got good grades.  The kit includes a ‘test’ that you take and mail back to them.  They then send you a pretty certificate and promise that your name will be put in their international database of licensed tutors.  And that is it.  Being in an international database is not going to do you any good, and in most of the world, you do not need a license to be a tutor, you just have to know your subject.  Giving these people $500.00 for a dubious certificate is silly. You can become a tutor by handing out your business card to local schools.

·The MLM:  MLM is ‘Multi-Level Marketing’.  Sponsors tell you it is ‘Just like Amway and Avon’, but you give them an upfront membership ‘fee’ that covers the cost of your website and your products.  All you have to do is sell the products, and after a small monthly maintenance fee plus a re-stock fee, you get to keep the profit.  The catch is this – the products are basic ‘Dollar Store’ merchandise that you are expected to sell at a markup, on line and get people to pay for shipping costs also.  But no one will know about your MLM suite unless you advertise, and that takes a lot of money.  So even though these companies give you a bonus every time you get one of your friends to sign up, in the end you wind up spending more money than you can possibly make.
·  ‘Insurance and Financial products’:  These companies are licensed as legitimate ‘Financial Product’ brokers.   Remember, it is the people you deal with – the ones who ‘hire’ you are the ones who make the money.

After you see the advertisement, you submit your on-line application. You either get an on-line ‘virtual’ interview or they call you into an actual office ad in the paper and you go for an interview.  You meet with a nice person who tells you, “I really feel that you are not like most people, so I am going to fast track you into being a representative.” You get their presentation - an intense overview about their great financial products and how you can make money representing them to people. 

  They then tell you to pay for a training course to get your insurance license. 

   After a few weeks of training and giving up your money, you have a certificate. 

That certificate allows you to sell the insurance products that your trainer brokers from larger nationally known companies (companies that any person can look up on line and buy the same products from directly WITHOUT paying a brokers fee) 

Your trainer tells you to make your own contacts. Your trainer DOES offer you a 10% referral bonus for anyone you bring onto the team.  Your trainer keeps half of the money paid for each training course.

You go out and call on a hundred people a week and make 3 sales a week. 

If each sale is a policy that costs them $100 a month, and the broker fee is 2% that is $2.00 (Two Dollars) from each sale. 

That $2.00 is divided between you, the person who trained and recruited you and the broker who hired the trainer. 

You are only keeping, on the average, 50 cents out of each monthly installment payment made by your customers.  And, at the end of a year...if you make three sales every week… at the end of the year, you will be earning about $72.00 a month. If you keep at it for 3 will be earning $216.00 a month.
 In reality, for every scam there is a legitimate job opportunity where you do not have to give your money to a fiend.

 I have a book called ‘Working from Home Using Your Computer and Your Brain’ which has great information on work from home jobs that you can actually do without paying ‘start up’ to a strange company.  There are details on how to start a gift wrap design business, a fashion design business, and even a start-up plan for an on line shop.

 The best way to start a work from home job is with knowledge of what is possible and Working From Home Using Your Computer and Your Brain is an ethical book on Amazon that gives the guidance we all want.

New Job, Work From Home, Business plans for success, Make Money at Home, Quit Your job

You see, if you have a shop on the street, people walk by and people drive by.  If you put up colorful signs that are big enough, people will see them when they drive by.  If you have windows, you can put up attractive displays that will make people want to come in when they walk by.  People see the signs and displays and tell their friends, and before long people start coming into the store to look at things and buy things.

Your store on the internet does not have a street that people drive on and it does not have a window that people walk by and look in.

 Your store on the internet is like a nice shop that someone opens up in the basement of an abandoned mall that has been boarded and bricked up except for one tiny entrance that is in the back of a dark cave, filled with piles of weeds and sticky insects. The mall AND the cave are on an island that is in a fog bank on a river filled with mean fanged fish and it is running too fast to swim in and is too deep to wade through. The only way to this island is on a special boat , hidden at the end of a tunnel that is guarded by an evil robot who will throw you in the water unless you say a super-secret password EXACTLY the correct way…AND…the only road to this tunnel goes through the biggest, best, brightest and most colorful and wonderful city full of happy kittens, smiling puppies, celebrity chefs ready to share their secrets, happy beautiful people smiling and telling funny jokes and endless stores of all kinds full of things everyone wants and needs.

That is the internet. The companies with the biggest ‘presence’ get the most attention and the smaller companies, the ones who cannot afford such presence have to find other ways to get people to their ‘hidden island’.

Now You can learn the marketing magic that will flex your internet earning to success!

Thinking About Success

Making Money with Your Website:

Flex your earning muscles and get yourself paid. Retailing and reselling have an easy cash flow to follow. If you had a storefront in a mall, people would walk in with money and walk out with their purchase. Instead you need to plan to do a little bit of internet advertising.  Gooogle’s Advertizing is the best place to start.

  You need to manage your funds, and a great way to do this is with a Pay Pal account.  PayPal allows people to purchase what they want from you using a credit card, cash or check, but relieves you of the burden of tracking a lot of different payment types.  If you have an Information and entertainment website, you will probably rely solely on advertising for income.

Go on line and set up a Pay Pal account that is connected to a bank account you plan to only use for business.
Once Your Pay Pal account is activated, they will provide you with ‘Buy Now’ buttons that you can add to the descriptions of each product on your website.

If you have an information website, or if you want to make extra income from your retail website, you can run advertising for other companies.  It is easy to run a web search for companies that will place per click ads, or you can become a Go Daddy or Google advertising partner. Don’t forget to contact your local businesses. They may also be interested in paying you a fee for advertising.

For reasons unknown to even the best business professionals, even the best run and best funded businesses fail.  It could be the location, it could be the employees, it could be the product, it could be the competition it could be all of those factors or none of those factors.  This business advice is an outline for your to follow, but in no way guarantees success in your venture.  Your success is 100% up to you. Excellence - Success, it's owners, employees, and all related individuals/entities are in no way responsible any type of failure, lack of income, loss of income, litigation, loss, misdeed, unfortunate incident or anything that results from your use of any kind of information, including business advice, and/ or any suggestions on this or any other related website.

Real Work From Home Jobs

Make sure you are qualified for the job.  – You will not get a job as a Veterinarian if you have never been to Vet school.  But if you really LOVE animals and have some experience working in an office, you may be able to get a job as the vet’s receptionist and earn the money to go to Vet school!

Make sure to research the job before you apply. – It may look like a good job, but go by the place, if you can.  Look at the employees.  Do they smile?  Are they positively engaged with their jobs?  Is the place clean and organized?  If the employees are frowning or seem to be avoiding their work, it could have bad management and not be the place you want to be.  Why start a job if you are going to wind up quitting in a week?

Research all companies near you – Many job openings are never advertised.  That is because people are promoted within companies; people are recruited from other companies and people get an inside track with the HR department, the Department heads or both. So if the brewery around the corner interests you- research them! Go on the website and find out the names of the decision makers in the department you want to work in.  Send them a well written letter telling them that you are interested in working with them because of your interest in their business.  If you are not already in that line of work, tell them about an instance when you were able to bring about results (Got all of the boxes/files/parts/deliveries/mail/cookies organized in a way that helped whatever result was needed) and end with ‘I know I can bring that level of expertise to your company’.

If you follow these steps you will be 3 steps closer to getting the dream job you want!

Finding Your REAL 'Dream' Job

…Sometimes fitting in to the right company is best.

The office manager at my CPA’s office is an amazing person.  She is like a happy song that you cannot stop humming.  She loves her job.  She told me that she gets great enjoyment from making certain everything is right and helping out where needed.  Here is the catch…she owned used car dealership for 14 years, and made good money on average.  But on the bad years she had a double mortgage on her home AND worked a second job just to keep the business open and the employees…employed.

She didn't like the stress of ownership, it was making her ill.

So she got rid of the business and went to work for someone else.

Sometimes that is all you want or need…but in addition to it getting harder and harder to get anyone to pay attention to your resume, it is likely that all of the obvious places of employment are out of commuting range for the pay.  Even if your car gets 30 miles a gallon, if your commute is 60 miles each way you are spending $12.00 on gas every day.  That could be $60 in gas for a 5 day week and does not leave a lot to spend if you have a small check.

So – How do you score the job you want? 

Best Business Steps for Success

​​​Your Ability to Succeed - 

                  Depends on Faith

You want to start your own business but you never went to business school.  You have great ideas and you know you can make them work, yet people tell you that you will fail because you never graduated from school.  But people started businesses before school existed, and every day, more people with little to no education succeed in starting and running their own businesses.   Ask the contractor who built your house if he went to Harvard Business school – or any business school; ask the owner of the café where you get  your lunch if she graduated from Wharton Business school.  These people will say ‘no’.  These people will tell you that they decided to start a business they had an idea they could be good at.

·         Jessica Simpson is a Fashion Designer who never went to college.

·         Ruth Ann Miner left school at 16 to help on the family farm and later became Governor of Delaware.

·         Chris Rock is a famous actor

·         Wally Amos started the famous ‘Famous Amos’ cookie brand and only had a high school GED.

There are many, many other success stories like these.  They are the RULE and not the exception!

You can learn what you need to succeed in business.  It is a fact.  And you do not need to be in a special school to learn it.

1 Corinthians – 10:11 – Now these things happened to them as an example. And they were written for our insight …

Successful people have one special thing in common. They have faith in themselves because they have faith in the one who created them.   You can be successful, too, if you have the faith that you were not created to fail.  You must remember that failure is not ‘failure’ it is simply a signal that you need to repeat a step on your road to success.  If you give up, that is when you fail.

Psalm 37:4 – Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

The Lord has made it possible for you to get all the information you need to start a business – just by clicking a few buttons and reading a bit of information.

Learn what you need and do not be afraid to succeed.  With God’s Love it is easier than you think.

 Thank You


Your Excellence


For Nothing will be Impossible with God: Luke 1:37

Starting a Club/Pub/Music-Venue:

Considering your options is a good start


Are you the kind of person who loves to go out with friends, listen to good music, dance and have fun? Do you brew a good beer, make a good sandwich or know a good band you want to promote?  Or do you just enjoy the evening and being around people who are relaxed and enjoying themselves?  If you are interested in any of these things and you can work until 2 or 3 am, you may have considered opening a pub, craft brew eatery, or music restaurant.

If you brew beer or wine, you may have been told that you should 'turn professional'. You may know or be a musician that needs a venue, or just enjoy the club-pub lifestyle.  You may even have a ‘wing’ recipe that deserves to be enjoyed by many. You may have all of these things, and, If even one of these things are true, you probably have also thought about opening your own place.

You are a smart person and you know it will not be easy, and you do not need people telling you how hard it will be.  You also know that what you want to do is not impossible. You may have gotten a business book from the library and read it. You may have even paid professional business consultants for advice and taken a business plan to bank investors to get them interested in helping you to start your own club.  Any person who has done that is on their way!

But custom business plans tend to be expensive, sometimes over $800.00.  Even though you can do an internet search and find companies who offer them as low as $300.00, that is a lot of money to spend when you are only looking for a good overview to help you decide if you want to take this business step at this time.  That is why it is great that you can get the business services you need on sites like

Not every smart person goes to business school or has extra money for business consultants.  Sometimes smart people just have a great idea for a club or a great recipe for a specific food and their business success is based entirely on that. If you are THAT person - the IDEA PERSON - then you also know that you need a PLAN that shows the steps to be followed so you and the people you designate to help you will know the expenses that will happen on the way to profitable success.


Thinking About Success: 

You might have what it takes to start  businesses from home!


A web based enterprise is the perfect business for you if both your time and investment funds are limited. Your location is on the web so you don’t need to worry about finding office space, and you set your own hours so you can work from anywhere and at any time. You simply carry your pad with you and you are always ready to start working. 
If you have a larger yard, for example, you could chose to start a business in the new and exciting field of Urban Farming. This is something every community needs. If you have ever walked down the street and notice that there are a lot of trendy, niche eateries, you know that you already have your customers.

If you have ever bought the same product more than once, lost  stuff on your hard drive or paid too many taxes because you lost your receipt; then you know how it feels.  It would be easy for you to start a business organizing the on-line businesses of others. 

 No employees’ are necessary, so you can choose to operate as a sole proprietorship and save yourself a monthly accounting expense and certain federal taxes. If you have decided to use your web enterprise to transition out of your current job without giving up the income, the ability to work from anywhere is very important. If you currently own a franchise or work in a retail store, a web based business is perfect for your needs.

You are welcome to be successful!

Then what if you say that you can’t be successful because you have failed at something? When people say “I failed,” or ‘I couldn’t finish,” that is usually equated as lacking intelligence.

Yet, failing at something is actually the process of setting the bar for success.

To start, most of the people reading this, tried to stand up sometime in the first 20 months of their lives.  And unless you were supported by something, you failed and you fell down.   You got a quick lesson in balance and proceeded to experiment again.

When you can accept that failing is part of the process of learning you will greet success.

One day a teacher probably gave you something called ‘A Multiplication Table’ and told you to memorize it.  So you looked at it and maybe even copied it a few times and then the teacher gave a test.

You did not get all of them right.  But if you had a good teacher, that person then explained what ‘Multiplication’ was…and then gave you time to practice and learn.  Eventually you could multiply anything correctly.

Your current job may even involve multiplication and you are so used to it, that you don’t even notice it.

Always remember – Failure is not failure – it is the process of successfully learning what it is you do not know.