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Know what to do before you invest!

You can stop wondering about what it takes to get started or  when to schedule employees. This  is a basic plan that gives you menu planning, pricing and even recipies right up front so you can learn and plan before you invest your money or take out a loan.

Now you can read and decide if this is the business step YOU want to take or if you want to take your time , 'cool off' and consider other choices.

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Teasing Money from Drop Shipping

 If you are new to Drop Shipping and E-commerce don't get frustrated! These are a few things you need to know:

Forget about finding your ‘niche’, unless you are already blogging and have followers that look for specific products, you want a bit of everything – like Amazon.

Always remember that you are indirect competition with the people who sold it to you.  THEY can ALWAYS sell their items at the same price that you pay for them. That does not mean every body will buy from them.  Take an item like a candy bar.  At a gas station or a ‘quick mart’ it will cost you $1.99; at the grocery store check-out it will cost you $1.79; If you buy a 10 pack at the ‘Warehouse store’ the package will be $9.00 which is 90 cents each and if you buy from the chocolate company you can get a carton of 100 for $50.00…or 50 cents each.  If you price them at $1.25 each, you will be higher than the candy company, but lower than many other places, so you can expect sales based on your ‘mid-level’ price range.  Some people will spend hours looking for the best deal and others do not care and will buy the first thing they see. Most people check 3 or 4 places and take the best price for the quickest shipping.

You do not have to have a deal with only one company in the Drop shipping business.  If you want to get clothing from ‘Roses’, art from ‘Louis Leonard’, Tea Towels from ‘Spoonflower’, and auto parts from ‘Pep Boys’ you can do that.  Just remember that when your customer clicks on the picture to place the order, YOU need to call the company related to that order – let us say it is a coat from ‘Roses’- and arrange for them to ship it directly to your customer with only a packing slip and no receipt.  You pay for it out of the money the customer just paid you…and they ship it immediately.  You keep the price difference in your bank account.

​Get an Ad partner.  Google ADWORDS is best.  CLICKBANK is ok. The rest tend to pay less than 1 cent per click and at that rate you would need 100 people to click on one ad to earn a dollar!  They will sign you up by getting your tax information so they can pay you.  For Example - Google sends a check every time your account reaches $100.00.   Once you are signed up, you will receive ‘code’ you can put on your pages that will appear as ads when people go to your website.  Every click earns you money even if you are not on line that day.

Working From Home Using Your Computer and Your Brain is the new book for you.

Now, with a computer, there are many options for you to start a career at home, but you have to take a little time and effort.   There are ways to earn internet income that are not scams and certainly don't have you spamming your family and friends with email advertising so you can earn a few pennies for each sale of 'affiliate' products. 

Working From Home Using Your Computer and Your Brain lets you study several different work from home jobs you can do.  Some of these, such as 'Dropshipper' don't take a lot of skill, training, or even special computer programs.  

Do you want to run and curate a gallery, open a virtual shop, enter the fashion or inspirational product business? This book will give you that chance to begin to investigate what it will take you to start a profitable life.

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Harley Quinn Fabric

The world is constantly changing to accommodate new ways of doing things.  Now with the recent widespread use of cannabis and related hemp products to combat  many diseases and pain the market is opening up for those who want to own and run CBD, THC and hemp shops.

This basic business plan gives you the run down on expenses, employee costs, rental costs and other basic things you need to know before you sign a lease!
Because laws , regulations and taxes associated with this business are not only different in every city, but also change rapidly, this plan does not contain regulatory specifics in those areas. 

You will want to get yourself a good  local accountant who is familiar with regulations where you want to operate.

Your accountant will be able to amend the basic plan to make certain you are not only in compliance with all local regulations but also that all necessary fees and licenses have been taken care of before you open!

How to Open a Marijuana shop
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Open a Restaurant

Explore one of of your Business Dreams!

         Restaurants and food-trucks both offer an excellent business opportunity for people who like working in a busy environment.  Whether you like greeting and talking to people or if your talents are in the kitchen or even in the accounting office, operating a customer based food service operation could be both satisfying and profitable.

Budgets for Happiness and Success

Your Success Is Part of YOUR Positive Attitude

Have you ever met a person who has a great idea, and has then tells you why it will not work?  Sometimes these people leave you wondering-what if they spent that time thinking about ways to make it work, instead?

When you start ANYTHING, your attitude has as much to do with success as other factors.  You know you need to look at the project, whether it is building a fence or building a business, as something you will succeed with.  Yes, you will ALSO have to consider the ‘drawbacks’ (the things that will make success harder – like building the fence on solid rock or a 60 degree slope), but when you look at them as steps to plan for, they become part of your equation when you decide to move forward.

What if your great idea is your great-grandmother’s bread recipe? So you want to open a bakery.  But, to ensure your success you look at the steps it takes to succeed- FIRST, because knowledge of these will give you an advantage to success.

So, in the example of the bakery, your success knowledge needs to include making certain your shop is in an area with many people but few (or no) bakeries. If your neighborhood has 30 bakeries, you will want to consider a different area with less competition. You solve this problem by getting an agent to find a place that meets that description before you start business.  Ask for a tour of the shop before you put down a deposit.  Once you are looking at your location, you can ask questions about everything from, ‘How many people are in the area near here?’ to ‘Where do people who drive, park to shop?”  Visiting the area will let you see how many other bakeries or bread sellers are near the area.

Success knowledge is the asset you need to drive your success to new heights!  Be positive in your search for ‘drawbacks’ using your knowledge and planning to overcome them before they grow. When you do this, you will never have to say “I can’t start this business on Main Street, because everyone on Main Street is already doing it.”​

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BEFORE you invest

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H.R. Life –
Getting a job you want

You may be changing jobs, re-entering the work force, looking for a second job or thinking about how to get your first job, but you know unemployment is at historic lows, and employers are looking for people to add to their payroll.

You have applied to job openings featured in the newspaper and you have gone to job fairs but you have not been hired. You have printed and mailed out dozens of copies of your best resume but no one has called you.  You have proof read your resume and called your references to make certain they are prepared to give you a good word. You have done everything you can think of to let potential employers know you are there and interested but you have gotten very few interviews.

The question you ask yourself is, “Why …if all these companies say they cannot find qualified workers…why won’t ANYONE call me back?!

The answer is ‘You are going about it mostly wrong.’

The FIRST thing you need to know and understand is that most companies prefer to hire from within.  They prefer that because they will already have a person who is in their system who knows ‘their’ culture, will need little training (if any) and will have no surprise waiting in the wings.


The SECOND thing you need to know is:  Most companies have a policy that requires them to post every job opening.  That means EVERY position that becomes available – from Third Assistant Janitor Trainee to Chief Executive Managing Administrative Supervisor will be advertised.  And if it is not “policy’ then it is dictated by Union rules and agreements.

This ‘policy’ thing tends to work against you.  They are advertising the job, but they have almost ALWAYS already made the decision to promote or move a person from a lower position to the available position.  Then, once all the moving around has been done, they bring in the candidates who have sent in resumes for the advertised position – which has been filled.  But you do not know this. So, you come in when they call…and sit around in a room of other candidates for hours.  You take their employment tests, their personality tests and when you finally sit down with HR the nice person interviews you, makes you feel good about yourself and your chances, and then they say “The position of Administrative Assistant to the Director of Marketing has been filled BUT would you consider taking the receptionist position in that same department? The hours are the same but the pay is less.”

Now, if this is your first job or you have been job hunting so long you are broke…then this will be a good offer. Take it and continue to quietly look for a job that pays better.

open a restaurant

From starting with nothing to paying off student loans to buying a house to starting a business this 180+ page guide gives you carefully crafted budgets that you can follow and get the results you have always wanted.  Week by week guides help you track and save your money so you can achieve your goals.


More consumers are leaving malls and instead deciding to shop in small, locally owned shops that are in or withing walking distance of their communities.

Now, you can discover what it takes to open your own boutique or shop.  The Best Shop is the basic plan that you want to read now to help you see where the profits are so you can decide if you want to start this business

One cannot help but wonder, “Has whole world has gone crazy?”  And as I sit here and I look around I see madness erupting constantly.  I see the most reasonable people suddenly taking offense at things they used to ignore and call ‘too trivial to bother with’. Reasonableness, compassion and love are being attacked by sick, obsessive insanity and hate.  It is as if Lucifer, himself has opened the gates of Perdition wide, and freed his underlings and demons of dark thought to prey upon us and turn us into demons also.  Why else would soldiers kill police?  What else would make Christians murder in a church or cause a Moslem to bomb mosques?  Mothers are selling their children to drug dealers, and old people are abused by their caregivers.

I cannot keep listening to the silly people point to these happenings and say : It only happened because they are not doing God’s will.

Bad things are not ‘God’s will’.  In case you missed it, ‘God is Love’. The EVIL that is happening with increasing regularity has a lot to do with darkness of the soul and Satan and nothing to do with God. Lucifer is the trickster and always tries to use seemingly righteous things as a disguise and shield; it is our job to defeat it.  It is not always easy to see evil, much less overcome it and send it back to its place.  Yet, once you remember these “Tools of Faith” you will be well armed to move forward and share the messages of peace and love

Mark 12:31 - The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. ‘There is no commandment greater than this.”
Luke 6:35 –  But love your enemies, do good to them and lend to them without expecting to get anything back.  Then your reward will be great and you will be children of the Most High.
Romans 13:10 –  Love does no harm to a neighbor.  Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Ephesians 4:2 – Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love.
1 John 4:18-19 – There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.  We love because he first loved us.
1 John 4:7 – Dear Friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.  Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.
Proverbs 10:12 – Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.
1 John 4:8 – Whoever does not love, does not know God because God is love.

Let us all take these to heart and start over and start healing with peace, goodness and love.

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                         Professionals like Doctors,                               Lawyers and CPA’s, have                        almost always had the option to work from home. Home daycare workers and tutors have also had this option because it allows them away to spend time with their own children or grandparents. But, until recently, every one else was at the mercy of notorious scammers and MLM schemes.  It was almost impossible to have the ability to work from home and actually hope to make a livable wage.

  Now You can Work From Home!


Find out how you can start designing wall paper and gift wraps.  Discover information to help you sell your crafts in your on line store or even find out how to get your fashions produced.  Working from home is no longer only for a lucky few.

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Now YOU can discover what you need to start the profitable business you can enjoy managing! 

Working From Home:
                   This book gives you new ways to make money. 

Create Success

 Imagine financial independence. 

 Now you do not have to wonder  where people get the money and ideas to start a business. You know there are steps you can take to bring you the  success you want.  You know that because you have a  ‘vision’ of your future success, you can plan for it now. 

“How to Create, Fund and Start Your Own Business” is one of those tools.  This is a new guide, published by Excellence-Success.com that gets to the point.  You don’t have to read through chapters describing the author’s life story; this is a short book that gives you both a learning experience and access to information that can help you start or expand your business in 60 days or less.

So how do you get a franchise that will make you money like KFC did for Colonel Sanders?

You can buy one.  Yes, every year, in various cities there are ‘Franchise Fairs’.  These are like JOB FAIRS, but the owners of the large franchises – like KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Chik- Fil-A, Dunkin Doughnuts, Hertz, and Ace Hardware.  You go and you can actually talk to REAL PEOPLE from each company and they will tell you what you need to start up with them.  In some cases, the investment is really going to cost you over $500,000.00, and in others it will be far less. But what you will wind up with is a well-known brand that people recognize and will buy.

There are drawbacks to buying a franchise, of course.  You will owe money.  You cannot change your inventory or menu without permission.  You have to have sales when the company tells you to have sales…and so on.  You will ‘own’ your business and you will make money – but, in reality, you will be more of a ‘general manager’ because you have to follow someone else’s rules.

What if your idea is to START a franchise?  Once again if you go on line and ask ‘How do I start a Franchise’, you will get the same answers as before.  Someone may even say it is impossible to start a franchise – you have to buy one. And that is wrong.

A Franchise is started by any smart person who runs a business according to a plan  When that business is doing well enough to expand to new locations, that smart business person develops the new location and ‘sells’ it as a franchise to a trusted employee or a favorite customer. If you are careful to develop your customer base, develop your brand and market your business model, you will be able to not only create a new business, but also franchise it for additional profit!

Tips for Job Hunting When Over 50

Job Hunting when over 50 is very challenging.  Job ads feature terms like ‘vibrant’ and ‘perky’ in an effort to slant the ad towards a younger workforce.  TV ads tell you to ‘cover up that gray’ and even the 'Retirement Age' commercial features a slim woman in spiked heels who looks 35 all the way to her perfectly black hair. Even though there are laws against workplace discrimination, it is almost impossible to prove that a company that is interviewing dozens of people daily is actually consciously discriminating against older workers.

So, what can a 50 to 80 year old do to avoid being labeled a ‘dud’ in the interview process?

Well, if you’ve been out hitting the job market, perhaps it is time to review your tactics and approach the interviews in a new and creative way.

Your old job skills are still valid, but if you go into any interview, and all you can talk about are job skills learned in the 1980’s (or before), the signal you send to the interviewer is that you are stuck in that decade. “I’ve been evaluating production numbers since I graduated from UCLA thirty years ago, that is why I am perfect for the job.”  Yes, that says a lot about your strength, but it makes you seem stuck in a ‘my way is the only way’ mind loop. Think of something RECENT you have done with those job skills instead, and highlight that: “I joined Quirky.com so I can help evaluate production numbers during the start-up approval process. I’ve been doing this professionally for years, but I am really excited by the Quirky.com process.”

Many people in the workforce today are young enough to be your children and grandchildren.  That shouldn’t matter, but in today’s economy, many of these young adults are still paying off college loans and living at home.  In the past the idea of the ‘Office Mom’ or ‘Office Uncle’ was comforting. When YOU were younger, YOU wanted an older role model.  Now people want to get away from ‘Helicopter parenting’. Talk more about new learning opportunities at a new job.

Talk about eagerness to participate in a new and dynamic group.  Make them think you are wide eyed in wonder, not that you want to take over and run things your way.  And do not talk about your adult kids past the “I raised a fine son/daughter who is successful, so I bring with me the skill of mentoring a successful person through life’s’ adversities.” Stop here, anything else is too much information. Get back to talking about the job and the company.

​Dress well, but avoid trendy and over the top looks. People claim the problem with young people is that they don’t know how to dress. Flip Flops do not go with a business suit even if they cost $200.00 and are covered in crystals. The same can be said of that outfit you wore on that job interview in 1978.  You might think it is fashionably ‘retro’, but you are not interviewing for a part in a throw-back TV series.  Buy the latest issue of ‘In Style’ and look for what people your age are wearing, and try to put it together from your existing wardrobe.

 Better yet, and this goes for everyone, female and male, ages 15 to 85: If you do not have a classically cut Chanel suit, you cannot go wrong with a traditional navy blue suit, red, white or blue solid shirt, very, very simple jewelry, and closed toed shoes.  If you wear a skirt, wear nude or tan stockings to match your skin tone. Please do not show the interviewer any skin below your collarbone.

Learn something about social media, web design, and blogging.  Better yet, use one of the easy and fun on line templates and tools offered by GoDaddy, Vistaprint and a number of other companies to create a web-page of your own.  Write several 300 to 400 word articles about things you are skilled in and put them on the website along with some pictures.  While interviewing, point out that you developed this website to keep yourself up to date with new skills and media. A sixty–seven year old who has an active website (not about grandkids or cats) will seem more up to employment by a modern company than a thirty two-year old whose primary hobby is tweeting snarky comments.

Don’t go overboard covering up gray hair; most people over 30 have some.  Instead, go to a hairdresser and ask them to do a professional job that will take out most, not all of the gray. That said, gray is fashionable; Rock it!

Contact someone at the organizations listed on your resume, if you can. Make certain that the contact person on your resume is still available, if not, get the name of a person who can be contacted and let them know they will receive a call.  You do not want your job references to say ‘Never heard of him/her. career.