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Today’s world offers many challenges to small organizations, especially the non-profits and congregations whose aim is to raise money for higher purposes.  If you are a small, ‘micro organization’, you know the monthly stress you often experience because of a repair bill sometimes less than $100.00.

Because you know that success in your goals depends on maintaining contact with your patrons, congregation and followers; you maintain a website with a calendar and updates.

But did you know that you can use these websites to offset the expense of owning them?

Isn't it funny that what people tend to order in a restaurant is exactly what they have the ingredients for at home?  For some reason, even a bowl of simple soup tastes better in a casual dining situation.

This is why so many people have discovered that their road to success started in a restaurant. The cooking sho
ws make restaurant ownership seem hard, with refrigerators always broken and food always stale and rancid.  If this were true, the health department would never allow a food service establishment to open.  But you know that all it takes is a little time to pay attention to details (like putting your restaurant’s appliances on a service maintenance contract if you don’t know how to fix them yourself) to keep yourself on the road to pure, independent profit.  Even if you do not like cooking, there are so many skills that restaurant ownership requires, you can easily open a restaurant with just a few simple pointers

So what do you need to know? You need to select a location that will let you successfully sell food. Don’t open a restaurant next to a pet store or a Veterinary practice.  At the very best, your restaurant will become the laughing stock of everyone who drives by. Don’t open a restaurant next to ANY PLACE that emits fumes.  A dry cleaner or a gas station can, especially in warm weather, create smells that alter the taste of the food you are serving.  Unless you intend most of your income to be from carry out or delivery, avoid these places.

You also need a menu plan and a business plan.  Even if you cannot cook, and you dropped out of school before algebra 2, if you are an organized person you can find a great, detailed, business plan on line that you can buy for less than $200.00.  Armed with that tool, you are ready!

If you're looking for a great success in the food industry, the best method to ensure you end up with something that lets you live comfortably, is by looking at these things:

Make sure - if you don’t know how to cook, hire a cook who lets you inspect the kitchen daily. If your cook doesn't, you'll have the same troubles as the restaurant shows.
Ensure your restaurant has a daily delivery of fresh food so you can wait on your customers and not drive around looking for the things on your daily special.
Make or buy a business plan. Any good business plan should have all expenses broken down for you. You need to know operating expenses, employee expenses, and food expenses. This is important because you will be taking the business plan to a banker or other lending organization.  They will not give you money if your business plan is a three page disaster.
While not necessary, a great restaurant business plan will include a complete ‘trial’ menu that will allow you to calculate your food costs by either using the foods in the plan, or substituting your own, specific recipes.

Once your restaurant is open to your customers, you have one more decision to make.  Remember a successful restaurant is a great asset.  You can keep your restaurant open and maybe open another or you can sell your profitable restaurant in a that good location you found and take that money to fund another business that you are equally interested in. Either way, you have made yourself successful.  That is excellent

Create Income by Running Successful Seminars

Many people are making money from running seminars.  Check your mailboxes and read the ads on just about every website and on live T.V.  Everywhere you look, someone is offering a seminar to teach you their method of everything from meditation to making money. Some people make hundreds of dollars a week from podcast subscribers and other people make thousands of dollars a month leading Seminars and Workshops.  If you also have a talent for organization, hobbies, skills or you have had a meaningful experience -  You could start a seminar series.

You, a smart entrepreneur, know that, today, thanks to the internet, more people than ever are interested in learning about starting a business.  People KNOW that this is one of the best times in history to start a business.  Yet these same people, for whatever reasons, never had the chance to attend business school.  Many people never went to college and they feel they lack the ability to start a business.  But with the proper materials and a little preparation, you can lead an encouraging seminar that will inspire these people to begin!

ORGANIZATION: If you are an organized person, it will be easy for you to create a seminar (lesson) plan, study and organize the materials you want to use to lead your seminar.  If you are not familiar with the subject, it is easy to purchase a book or teaching materials to use in the seminar.

MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCES: Have you done or experienced something that YOU feel is inspirational?  Did you meet an inspirational person; visit an inspirational landmark; finish a book or see a movie that taught you a lesson?  These are all things that will make a seminar more interesting

HOBBIES OR SKILLS:  Do you knit, cook or make pottery?  Are you a carpenter or a mechanic? Do you collect stamps, coins or baseball cards?  If you have experience in these things or others, you already have the basis for your seminar!  People are always interested in improving skills or learning different techniques. And many of those people will want to turn what they learn into a business of their own.

Above all is your positive attitude and willingness to do what it takes to succeed.  So whether you hold an occasional ‘backyard workshop’ or you have a continuous ‘twice weekly’ entrepreneur seminar, you can leverage it into a paying career.

Eco Bricks for eco cash

​​​​​​​​Now You can Make Money by  Curating                                                                                     Your OWN

On-Line Gallery

Gallery Curators can earn as much as $396,000.00 a year in the USA, and they tend to average close to $71,000.00 annually. If you are creative, love colors, images and decorative things, this is for you! Do you consider yourself to be artistic?  Can you re-arrange a room and make it POP? Then curating a gallery might be the perfect business for you.

Whether you want to promote your own art work, the art work of friends or if you just want to work around beautiful things, curating your own gallery is going to be a good way for you to start.

The truth is most starting artists do not get the support they need to be seen.  You can spend years dragging your art from show to show.  It can be discouraging to beg the curator of small, corner galleries in trendy areas to please carry just one piece of your work on a commission only basis. It is hard on you when someone sees your art and then says, “If it were more like Cecily Brown’s art, I’d buy it.” It is even harder when you go to a random store see people loading up on mass-produced prints that say “Live, Laugh, Love”.

                       (It makes you want to “Gag, Choke, Puke” doesn’t it?)

Now, you can have the tool you need to be your own curator and start your OWN on-line gallery featuring your own work, that of friends and/or the art that makes YOU feel good.

This is not an expensive on-line course.  This is not a series of videos that you have to buy. “Open a Successful On-Line Gallery” is an easy instruction manual that tells you how to go from just thinking about your gallery to the reality of actually selling art through your gallery.  From taking a picture to putting it on a wall, this manual will help you realize your dream of running your own gallery:

 Where to get art if you are not an artist.  How to price art so you make a profit.  How to handle returns.  Where to get sales tax or VAT information.  Open a Successful On-line Gallery even shows you a sample web page to look at (and even copy) as you set up.

Have you ever wondered if you could put together and curate your own gallery? Well, this is what you need.

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Today, everyone needs extra income or they want to do something that will replace their boring, current job.   You've either heard about or seen videos aboutAffiliateMarketing and you are excited  by the idea of what appears to be easy, passive marketing. Yet you have questions because, in some ways it seems too good to be true. 

The truth is that the results most Affiliate Marketing promotors advertise are not the results you can reasonably expect without months of daily work.  But it is not as useless as some people claim, and if you are looking to supplement your income, and you are willing to put in a little work, you will find that you can put money in your pocket.

Another thing that you should know is that Affiliate Marketing works well with Drop Shipping.  Yes, you can do both at the same time.  Whether you are setting up a drop shipping site or an Affiliate Marketing site, you can combine the services of each into one website and literally have the one support the other- which generates you extra income!

But, how is this done and how much is it going to cost you?



Autumn Sunflowers
Beer Money

WOW Ideas

There are many companies that will place small, dignified ads on your webpages and they pay you every time someone clicks on one of those ads. Companies like Bing, Google, Chitika and others pay you from one cent - to as much as 99 cents, every time someone clicks through one of the ads to a website.  They pay you a commission when people make a purchase. Better yet, you can select the types of advertisers you want to participate with, and not allow the ones who are distasteful to your goals.

Think of the results when your supporters are able to support your goals simply by visiting your website to stay up to date on the latest happenings.

For members in temporary distress, it allows them to participate in fundraising without reaching into their pockets.  And the best thing is, you allow your members to support advertisers whose goals are in line with your own organization.

When it becomes time to increase your fund raising activities, there are companies who will send your message to thousands of people.  These people will return to your website and many of them will once again, ‘click though’ and generate more funds for your small business or organization.

But most people want the roses not only for the breathtaking beauty that they bring to a garden, but also because roses are a valuable commodity in the landscaping business.

Skull Rosary; White Skull Rosary; Donald Trump's Tweets
Real Work From Home Jobs

Afilliate Marketing:

The BEST WAY to Invest in YOURSELF!

Excellence-Success Menu Planning


A Perfect Companion Plant for Years of Fun, Beauty and More

Have you ever wanted to have a yard full of beautiful roses? If so, did you stop yourself from buying that first rose bush because people told you that it's difficult because roses require so much care, and water, and fertilizers?  Have you become worried that pests like aphids and Japanese Beetles would eat your roses, turning them into bare and ugly thorn factories? So what do you do? Some people simply grow roses for the rose hips they produce and they don’t care what the flowers look like as long as there are rose hips to harvest in the fall

Apply On Line with your local government, and apply for jobs no one wants. – There are many types of jobs out there and one category is ‘The Jobs No One Wants.’  The truth is that someone has to deal with the garbage, sewage and other things that are generated by people. You do not need a degree to make a six figure income working a crime scene or disaster cleanup.  You can make good money working a garbage crew, a port-a potty crew or even with a public utility.

Remember – If you are willing to start ‘Entry Level’ and work at it …you can get the kind of job you want and work toward the pay you deserve.

The best thing is you can do is to hire  a Fiverr contractor who will, for a small cover fee of $7.50 (YES! Only 7.50!!), set their staff to the task of promoting your website and increasing your visitor count.

You, of course, are the one to know the best plans for your organization, congregation or non-profit. You know best how to meet these daily challenges.  Excellence-Success is dedicated to unveiling special solutions so that you can be successful in all of your goals.

Start an ART Company

Menu Planning For Restaurant profits is the perfect book for an entrepreneur turned new restaurant owner.  Featuring many, basic home style meals this book will have a non - cook  preparing food for dozens of people easily.

Only $8.00 when you order the business plan guide from Fiverr.

Sometimes they even pay you a commission when people make a purchase. Better yet, you can select the types of advertisers you want to participate with, and not allow the ones who are distasteful to your goals.

Think of the resulting income that your website will generate simply because while your customers are reading about your shop, reviewing your menu or checking out the latest fashions, they are ALSO looking at ads which generate extra income for you!  Even better, when people who are not regular customers find your website and look at the ads THEY will ALSO be supporting your business simply because they were curious about your business. This is like customers giving you money not because they bought something, but just because they walked through your doors.

For customers who like your business but do not always have a lot of extra cash to spend there, advertising allows them to participate on the website without reaching into their pockets.  And the best thing is, you allow your customers to support advertisers whose business goals actually complement your own.

If you decide to increase the number of people who visit your website (and therefore your shop) there are companies who will send your message to thousands of people.  These people will return to your website and many of them will once again, ‘click though’ and generate more sales and income for your small business.

The best thing is you can do is to hire a Fiverr contractor who will, for a small cover fee (usually less than $10.00 a month), set their staff to the task of promoting your website and bringing your visitor count into the THOUSANDS!

Start your Ecobrick Business with No Investment Except Time

Imagine this: You start a business with no investment.  This business helps the environment and produces no waste.  You can start it in your kitchen, on your steps or with a friend.  This business is simple.  You make something called ‘Eco Bricks’. 



During the past decade, there has been a movement to create sustainable housing from repurposed materials.    People have embedded glass bottles in cement and reused materials from other construction.  But recently People have been building with ‘Eco Bricks’ so much that there is an actual market for them.

You can easily make and sell eco-bricks in your spare time. You don’t need any special tools.

Scissors; box cutter;  knife;  or shredder - if you have one
1 or more empty 2 liter (soda/beverage) bottles with caps
A sturdy pole or rod   about 18 inches /46 cm in length, that will fit easily fit through the top of the 2 liter bottle.  

A bunch of used, empty plastic bottles.  Water bottles are the easiest to cut up, but you can use any plastic.


Now, you can start!

Set aside your 2 liter bottles.
Remove and discard any removable labels from the other used plastic bottles.
Discard caps
Cut about 6 of the used bottles into ½” x 2” strips or smaller. (.5cm x 5 cm)
Drop strips into one of the 2 liter bottles.  Use the rod or pole to push them down.
Repeat until the bottle is packed full and sturdy, then cap and do another bottle.

Once you have a dozen or more eco-bricks you can barter them; sell them or trade them as


The costs are low.  Many on-line companies and organizations will offer to sell you their ‘exclusive proven package’, yet in reality they are creating their profits by writing down their steps and selling them to you.  You can take those steps yourself and use the money you save to promote yourself and make money.  It is simple, it is basic and you can start today.

Get a DOMAIN NAME. It does not have to be anything special.  Do not overthink this.  Get a book or magazine or something, close your eyes, open a page and put your finger down, (I just did this and the word was ‘PROFORMA’).  Do it again – different book and different page (I got ‘LILAC’) PROFORMA LILAC.  That is as good as any name.  People will click on it just to see what it is. 


Get a WEBSITE.  Yes, it is possible to buy an existing website already set up, but that will cost you several thousand dollars.  You thought up a Domain name now you just register that and attach it to a website.  It should only cost you $60.00 or less. You can do this through any number of companies...Wix; SquareSpace; GoDaddy; Shopify: They all do the same thing and they ALL will give you extra help in setting up your site.


Get PRODUCTS. No one will stay long on a website that is nothing but advertising. And if they do not stay, they will not click.  You need people to click on the ads you will put up so you can get paid.  So, you need a ‘PRODUCT’ for them to be interested in.  It can be a news or entertainment magazine, it can be a blog, it can be artwork or photography and it can be products that you are selling.  Write the articles, take the pictures and put them on your website.  Leave room for advertising.


Get an Ad partner.  Google ADWORDS is best.  CLICKBANK is ok. The rest tend to pay less than 1 cent per click and at that rate you would need 100 people to click on one ad to earn a dollar!  They will sign you up by getting your tax information so they can pay you.  For Example - Google sends a check every time your account reaches $100.00.   Once you are signed up, you will receive ‘code’ you can put on your pages that will appear as ads when people go to your website.  Every click earns you money even if you are not on line that day.

Whether you choose the ‘Peace Rose’, the ‘Queen Elizabeth’ or the incomparable ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’, many people have found success by using a simple liquid fertilizer which will help to bring their roses into full bloom. They then select the best blooms and harvest the mature rose hips at the end of the season to plant and propagate and eventually sell the beautiful plants. Other people, primarily those who are growing roses for the therapeutic uses of the valuable rose hip, or who are making natural perfumes and salves from the rose petals, swear that a ‘manure tea’ is the best food for roses.

 There are only a few things you should know before you buy and start growing your first rose bush. Adequate sunshine is essential to ensure healthy growth and big blooms, and a simple gardening guide like my personal favorite, 'Simply Roses: The Ultimate Guide',will help you get started on the ‘Rose Road’ to beauty and health.

If you're looking for a patio rose bush, one that will be happy in a container, you should visit a local garden store and select a variety like the ‘Ginger Nut’ or ‘Raspberry Royale’ that will produce beautifully.  The best method to ensure you end up with something that lets you enjoy the beauty without the hassle is by looking for these things:

Make sure your rose bush is actually a patio variety and not a baby plant that will overwhelm you in a few short years.
Ensure your rose bush has six to eight hours of sun.  If you grow tomatoes, plant your roses next to them to make certain they get what they need.  (Hint..the rose blossoms will attract bees to your tomato plants so you will get more tomatoes!)
Any good garden center should let you return a plant that is diseased within the first month of purchase. This is important because you’ve spent money on a plant that could have carried a plant fungus in to your garden.  Returning the plant helps stop a rose ruining outbreak.

Now that you know that roses can be fun and easy to grow, you are ready to shop for the perfect rose without worrying!  And who knows, in a few years, you could be the ‘go-to’ gardener in your neighborhood or county and showing your beautiful cultivars at the State Fair! 





will always follow you!

Start a Profitable Franchise:

Look – you do not have to go to business school or even graduate college!

Just because you do not happen to be a person who has gone to business school and spent thousands of dollars to do that – that does not mean you will not be successful.  The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Harlan ‘Colonel’ Sanders left school in the 7th grade. But Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the biggest franchises in the world.

How did that happen?  How did a guy with a 7th grade education and no ‘Business College’ do this thing that people say is impossible?

He did not listen to the ‘haters’.  He just kept cooking his chicken and seasoning it up the way the customers liked it, and when he outgrew his space, he took his original idea, his recipes and his customers and created a FRANCHISE by immediately opening several more.

This is an easy formula to follow.  You start this year.  Even if you do not have ‘recipes’ for success, you can still open a successful restaurant franchise by spending a little time learning about and researching the subject.

“The Saladry” is an excellent manual that will give you detailed information that you will need to make the decision to start your franchise business such as:

Employee costs – How much you need to budget to keep both employees and payroll taxes paid.
Opening Costs – How much do you REALLY need to have in the bank before you open? (Hint it is NOT a million dollars!)
Menu – What do I serve people to make money?
When and HOW to open additional locations.

Most Business Plans are not only expensive – in the $500 range and up -   but they are ALSO totally SPECIFIC to one shop at one location in one city. 

If you are just curious about what it takes, if you just want to read a detailed plan and THEN make the decision, you do not want to pay lawyers and accountants hundreds of dollars to make a plan that you might not decide to use!

The ‘Saladry’ is a perfect manual that incorporates a great, yet basic business plan with menu planning and cost breakdowns that are generic enough that you can use them in any city, and not be limited to one location in one city.

You can use this plan as is or you can change it to suit your needs. If you want to be strictly VEGAN, you can easily eliminate the meat from the menu – if you want more deserts, you can add them in.  You can even schedule a day to be closed.

Once you get it, this is YOUR plan.